Customer projects

Stone construction
The Dunbar deck
The Smith cottage
The Killborn home
Olmstead Jeffrey lake property
The Kovaks home
The Yakabuski home
The Lambert home
The Reeves home
The Schroeder house
The Ringuette garage
The Steege house
The McLaughlin house
The Els house
The Greene house
The Craig house
The Cotie farm
The Dube house
The Van Gelder house
The Delong house

Wood construction
The Robertson house

The Steege House
The shoemakers kids

Erosion control
The Meadows house
The Kropf house
The Tomkinson house

Water Features
The Lipton house
The shoemakers kids

Simon Tunley.



Dependability, Respect, Knowledge, Innovation

Who our customers are

During the three seasons, we work for households and businesses within and just outside Whitewater Region. During the winter months, we work in both Toronto and Vancouver on contracts when requested. The majority of our customers are people who wish to upgrade their property, either to create comfortable outdoor environments or to optimize their property for resale. We also manage several ongoing maintenance contracts on an annual basis.

The services we provide

We are a small, flexible group, able to provide a cross-section of services because of our proven expertise in both construction and horticulture.We group our services under the following headings:
Seasonal garden maintenance. We have also included a detailed list of our maintenance schedule. Hedges, weeding, tilling, planting, pruning, lawn cutting, brush clearing, tree-lopping to name just a few. If we don't have a history or the knowledge to do what you want, we'll find the one who can.
Plantings and new beds. This includes clearing land, establishing beds and plantings of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees for three-season colour and foliage. We have a selection of Zone-4-hardy shrubs at our location, and for large projects with time to plan, we start all our plants from seed to save on increasingly high nursery costs.
Stone and wood structures— Decks, paths, walls, steps, pergolas and other outdoor structures. Our examples of completed gardens (to the left) reflect customers who are happy with the work we have done.
Planning and design. Notebooks, sketches, architectural drawings and product catalogs ultimately save you money. To skip this step is to court disaster

The services we don't provide

We are not competitive mowing lawns because every early retired factory worker knows how to sit on a lawnmower. And in July the kids get out of high school and Dad pays the gas bill to keep them out of trouble. Neither do we drop large trees that overhang wires or buildings because we aren't loggers and there are many good tree folks who carry insurance for that sort ofthing. However we do drop and remove trees in the open. Finally, we subcontract our heavy machine work out. And if you are not sure what to do next call us, because the first visit we make is always free.

Call 613-646-7364 and tell us what you need.