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Stone construction
The Dunbar deck
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Olmstead Jeffrey lake property
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Wood construction
The Robertson house

The Steege House
The shoemakers kids

Erosion control
The Meadows house
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Water Features
The Lipton house
The shoemakers kids

Simon Tunley.


The cobblers kids go barefoot

Lawrie and Simon spend far too much time in their own garden, which acts both as a nursery for our regular customers and as a place where we try out ideas.
Plantings, Water features, Cut flowers and Winter gardens


Wedding Walk. Dense bush is a good place to play with shade tolerant hostas and ground covers. Here, Hostas, Pulmonaria and Creeping Jenny serve as a backdrop to stones and seasonal favourites such as Jack-in-the-pulpit and Solomons seal Our "Fall bed" tests the harmonies of red and yellow blooms Paths in a garden must lead somewhere, but where? Mystery will draw your visitors in. Does this path lead to that distant farmhouse?
Contrasting colours and shapes create an explosive effect, especially when set against a calm backdrop of greenWe use mulch to contain our weeds and our moisture in all our gardens. Each garden is developed with a general theme, such as "Fall colour", Wedding walk", "mystery path" and "Explosion"

Water Features
Water in a garden is truly magical. It starts as a distant sound of trickling which draws you closer. The reflection of leaf, petal and rock on water both welcome and soothe.

We liked our pond so much, we decided to get married beside it. A distant sound of trickling water

Cut Flowers
There's nothing like having ones own cut flower garden. One row of wildflowers and another of Zinnias ensure summer-long colour indoors and out

We plant rows of cut flowers for several customers who like to bring summer indoors. Keeping cheerful during rainy days

Winters Song

When planning a garden, it's important to pick varieties such as the viburnam shown here to provide interest during the long winter months. Several local species such as Sedum and dogwood will stick up through the winter snows

Birds love berries, and bushes such as this viburnam will rpovide nutrition when we forget to top up the birdfeeder