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Stone construction
The Dunbar deck
The Smith cottage
The Killborn home
Olmstead Jeffrey lake property
The Kovaks home
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The Cotie farm
The Dube house
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Wood construction
The Robertson house

The Steege House
The shoemakers kids

Erosion control
The Meadows house
The Kropf house
The Tomkinson house

Water Features
The Lipton house
The shoemakers kids

Simon Tunley.


The Dunbar deck, Queen's Line.

The beautiful Aquastyl bullnose coping is not for everyone. Intended for pool surrounds, it gives a lovely soft edge to the eye, and a soft landing for bare hands and feet. We were required to provide a rear deck that precisely matched that of the front. Lucky they asked when they did. Alas, the line is now discontinued and replaced with something far less interesting. The deck is Trafalgar and the soldier course is another of my discontinued Permacon favourites once known as Bergerac.