Customer projects

Stone construction
The Dunbar deck
The Smith cottage
The Killborn home
Olmstead Jeffrey lake property
The Kovaks home
The Yakabuski home
The Lambert home
The Reeves home
The Schroeder house
The Ringuette garage
The Steege house
The McLaughlin house
The Els house
The Greene house
The Craig house
The Cotie farm
The Dube house
The Van Gelder house
The Delong house

Wood construction
The Robertson house

The Steege House
The shoemakers kids

Erosion control
The Meadows house
The Kropf house
The Tomkinson house

Water Features
The Lipton house
The shoemakers kids

Simon Tunley.


Off-season Contracts

During the winter months, we close our site operations in the Ottawa valley and accept contracts out of the region. Simon is in demand across Canada as designer, horticulturalist, silviculturalist and stone mason.

As subcontracting stonemason for Ecoscapes By Design of Toronto

This triple "soldier course" between the curb and driveway implies a pedestrian pathway in this soon-to-be-sold Toronto front yard.  The devil is in the details. Tapering this curb makes for safe pedestrians. A small outreach of witch hazel, white heather and North Vancouver granite provide winter colour in this Vancouver front garden